SMALL, PATIENT, Adaptable.



Photograph by Dallas McNamara

Moss defies the idea that a plant needs strong, deep roots in order to prosper. 

This ancient plant grows and reproduces when it finds the the right combination of light and water in the environment, when this happens, efficient and silently it can cover miles and is capable of growing where no other plants can grow. If the conditions aren’t there the moss dries up, it doesn’t die, it just waits patiently until the conditions are right again in order to turn green once more.  This tiny plant, with its simple and elegant structure, teaches us basic survival techniques. 

Moss taken from Banff National Forest, Canada, September-14-2012


MOSS FIELD- Photograph taken during a residency in Iceland, October 2013


The artist in residence. The Civilized Moss. 

The moss travels, works, resides and coexists. It has collaborated with crocheters in Canada, Iceland, France, United States and Mexico to produce a variety of mosses that grow and invade soft and temporarily different spaces. This Fall The Civilized Moss invades Enrique Guerrero Gallery in Mexico City and the contemporary art space Cherryhurst House in Houston, Texas. 




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